In Brief
Gravity is a force that keeps the universe together. In these videos from Neil deGrasse Tyson and MinutePhysics, learn more about what gravity is and how it works.

Did you ever wonder what gravity is? I mean, we all know the basic definition, but what is it? What makes it tick? Have we found evidence of the graviton? In these videos, by Neil deGrasse Tyson and MinutePhysics, scientists attempt to explain this force.

But before we begin, a brief description.

According to NASA, “Gravity is a force of attraction that exists between any two masses, any two bodies, any two particles. Gravity is not just the attraction between objects and the Earth. It is an attraction that exists between all objects, everywhere in the universe.”

Let’s say you are walking down the road beside a friend. Even though you may not be aware of it, there will be an incredibly slight gravitational attraction between the atoms in your body and the atoms in your friend’s. The same is obviously true for objects that are floating about in space. Really large objects that have a lot of mass (like planets) exist because matter is gravitationally attracted to other matter. In essence, gravity makes matter clump together; it forms the planets and stars and black holes…and everything else that makes life so terribly interesting.

Get to know it a little better in the videos below:

And another breakdown by MinutePhysics: