In Brief
  • In a recent video on Facebook Live, Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye discussed the political and scientific realities of climate change.
  • As the repercussions of climate change become more real every day, they want to make clear how serious this issues is and what we can do to fight it.

Senator Bernie Sanders and science legend Bill Nye met early on February 27th to discuss the science and politics behind climate change.

This dynamic duo has some strong words for climate change deniers. Nye stated:

Here’s what we say — there’s overwhelming proof. Proof isn’t even the word. It’s overwhelming evidence. And so, what I believe you’re doing on the other side is you’re suffering from this magic thing — magical thing called The Backfire Effect. When you see evidence that conflicts with your worldview, you just double down on denying it. And we all do it [. . .] but the stakes when it comes to climate change in the world’s population are huge.

He went on to describe the dire consequences of not heeding the numerous warnings constantly touted by the scientific community. We will see increased coastal flooding and even sinking shorelines, displacing countless people from their homes and disrupting energy and transportation infrastructure.

The Science Guy looks to another way to convince the deniers of the importance in making positive changes to combat climate change. He suggests that we focus on the economic benefits of changing to renewable energy sources over fossil fuels. Building up renewable infrastructure would create great numbers of American jobs. Also, renewable energy generation is increasingly becoming the cheapest source of power.