In Brief
  • A large boat like a luxury yacht can hold approximately 80 to 350 gallons of gas.
  • Theoretically, without considering human necessities, the Solarwave 64 might never have to dock.

Are you ready for high-end cruising without the gas-guzzling?

In 2015, Turkish company Ned Ship partnered with Solarwave to unleash ‘Solarwave 62,’ the world’s first completely solar-powered luxury yacht.

And now, almost two years later, the team has taken it up a notch. They have completed a newer model, the ‘Solarwave 64,’ a zero-emission, upgraded version of the older model.

The Solarwave 64. Photo Credit: Solarwave Yachts

According to Egon Faiss, Marketing Director of Ned Ship, “We can confirm that we do have an unlimited range only powered by the solar roof, during a normal sunny day and a cruising speed between 6-7 knots.” 

The roof itself contains a 15kW photovoltaic array attached to an assortment of 100 kWh batteries.  This is in addition to a second, retractable sky roof. Altogether, the system can create and store enough energy to operate and power appliances onboard through the day and night. This completely eliminates the need for additional non-renewable fuel sources.

Inside the Solarwave 64. Photo Credit: Solarwave Yachts

If you’re ready to dig deep into your pockets, the Solarwave 64 costs €2.5 million. You can choose from the “Cruiser,” “Sailor,” or “Power” models, each offering unique features. However, purchasing any of these solar-powered yachts will not only allow you to live in environmentally-friendly luxury, it will also allow you to exist off-the-grid.

There will be no more need to stop for fuel, and so those who can afford this luxury yacht will be capable of creating their lives outside of the constraints of society. Being off-the-grid will no longer be just for mountain-dwelling survivalists, the wealthiest will now be able to truly escape. And, who knows, the ability to power a large vessel with only solar power could lead to incredible future advances in advanced transportation technology and alternative energy.