by Neil C. Bhavsar April 12, 2017 Space
In Brief
Phil from Crash Course discusses what dark matter is, how we came about the concept, and how it affects the structure of our universe today.

While scientists are debating the validity of dark matter, science communicator, Phil, from crash course makes an interesting point about the elusive matter. While science fiction often creates a compelling, albeit speculative, example of the mysterious substance, scientists are often left scratching their heads when it comes dark matter.

Left: How scientist theorized galaxies should spin Right: How galaxies actually spin, suggesting the existence of dark matter. Image Credit: The University of Arizona

The video below delves into the history of astrophysics research and how scientists have paved our understanding of the Universe today. Combined with colorful graphics, Phil catches us up to speed with our current understanding of the Universe and how with each new discovery, we have shifted our beliefs.

Phil discusses the dichotomies between normal and dark matter, then goes on to discuss how visible matter only reacts with dark matter through gravity. He finally wraps up by telling us that scientists speculate that dark matter bends lights.

The video explains how that the 85 percent of the universe that we can’t see actually brought structure to the universe from the start.

So, let’s take a look at something no one has seen.