New Solar Paint Transforms Water Vapor Into Energy Source

"Any place that has water vapor in the air, even remote areas far from water, can produce fuel."

June 22, 2017

Why Do Rivers All over the World Curve in the Same Way?

Watch this short video to discover why we see the same pattern over and over.

June 18, 2017

3D Printed Boot Helps Endangered Penguin Walk Again

An adorable penguin just regained its mobility.

June 16, 2017

A Volcano in Indonesia Spews Blue Lava in this Mesmerizing Video

It may be pretty but the area is very hot and highly toxic.

June 15, 2017

Explore Siberia Through These Stunning Photographs

Siberia might be one of the coldest, harshest places on Earth, but its beauty is undeniable.

June 15, 2017

The 10 Biggest Mistakes We All Make When Reading Scientific Work

Peer reviewed papers aren't always right.

June 13, 2017

6 Horrible Consequences of Earth Losing Its Magnetic Field

Catastrophe doesn't even begin to describe it.

June 6, 2017

8 Wild Theories About How Life Originated on Earth

Did we come from ice? The cosmos?

June 6, 2017

Exploding Stars Are Helping Scientists Understand Earth

The answers aren't always where you expect them to be.

June 2, 2017

What if Earth Really Were Hollow?

Take a moment to consider why its impossible.

June 2, 2017
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