In Brief
  • Google Earth can now take you on virtual tours, using just a Chrome browser or an Android phone, thanks to its latest update called Voyager.
  • Now, touring the world is at the tip of everyone's fingertips.

Thanks to Google, traveling around the world is now much easier… sort of. The company recently redesigned Google Earth for Chrome and Android to include features that make virtual traveling as real as it gets. The update, which is Google Earth’s biggest yet, gives users a chance to see 3D maps of certain locations and even take guided thematic tours.

The new developments, which Google has created as part of its new Voyager feature, lets you travel on a guided tour along with some incredible guides that include scientists and documentarians — the most notable of which is primate expert Jane Goodall and her team, leading you on a tour of the Tanzanian Gombe National Park, according to The Verge.

An “I’m Feeling Lucky” button was also added. This puts your finger, so to speak, on a random spot on Google’s virtual globe and lets you learn fun facts about the randomly chosen location with “knowledge card” popups. There’s also a feature that lets parents explore certain routes with their kids. Then, there’s the 3D function, which allows you to view a location in three dimensions simply by pressing a button.

Technology like this one is giving anyone with internet access a chance to see and experience the world. Now, world tours aren’t just for the 1%.