In Brief
  • There are hundreds of confirmed gravity hills across the world.
  • Visitors from all walks of life visit these sites just to verify if the conspiracy theories are true, but what might be even stranger is that it all makes sense with science.

Rolling Uphill?

Cars that roll uphill? Bikes that you need peddle to go downhill? Seems like something out of science fiction right?  But it’s not. Surprisingly, there are a few places around the world that seem to defy the laws of physics before our very eyes, bolstering the claims of conspiracy theorists who believe in black magic and governmental cover-ups. This phenomenon of gravity hills is well documented and has a scientific explanation.

To date, there are many known cases of gravity hills around the world. Hills in the US, Canda, China, Australia, Italy, Brazil and others have one thing trait in common: neutral objects placed at the bottom of the hill will suspiciously roll ” upwards.”

Science Channel

In the gif above, the man had set his car in neutral and literally watched his car move uphill without him in it! Other such incidences have been reported in multiplicity on Youtube.

So What Is It?

While many claims suggest that it’s the grumpy road spirits that wait for people to pass by and roll their vehicles uphill as some sort of cruel April fools joke, it actually might be something a little less mischevious and a lot more scientific.

In fact, it turns out that the roads themselves have been fooling us in a different way. What’s been happening is actually quite similar to optical illusions like Ame’s room.

*1* [Evergreen] Hills That Defy Gravity, and almost Logic

Physicist Brock Weiss of Pennsylvania State University told ScienceDaily in an interview that the “embankment is sloped in a way that gives you the effect that you are going uphill.” Meaning that if the ends of the hills were actually measured out by GPS equipment, you would notice that our assumption of what’s downhill and what’s uphill are reversed.

“You are, indeed, going downhill, even though your brain gives you the impression that you’re going uphill.”

This optical illusion is made possible by the horizon. More often than not, the horizon is obscured or the horizon obscures the shape of the slope in relation to the surrounding landscape. And, without a proper point of reference, it’s easy to imagine that the downhill slope is somehow uphill.

Gravity hills have captured the imagination of many, and while it is exciting to imagine that spirits and magic might be behind the mysterious upward force, it’s a little more assuring to know that it’s just your eyes playing tricks on you. A little perspective can go a long way.