Listen to a Recording of Baby Whales Whispering to Their Mothers

It’s the ocean's version of a Hallmark moment.

April 28, 2017

The X-Files Will Return to Television for a Longer Eleventh Season

Production on the sci-fi favorite will begin this summer.

April 28, 2017

Scientists Find Evidence of Humans Arriving in America 100,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought

Humans may have arrived in America before the Ice Age.

April 28, 2017

Research Indicates That Most Habitable Planets Might Be “Water Worlds”

Earth's land/water balance might be a rarity in the Universe.

April 27, 2017

This Remarkable Animation Shows You Just How Unbelievably Massive the Ocean Is

And we've only explored about 10%.

April 26, 2017

Scientists Just Discovered a Mysterious New Astronomical Phenomenon

They named it "Steve," and they don't know what's causing it.

April 26, 2017

A Cancer Journal Just Retracted 107 Studies Due to Fraudulent Peer-Review

This is why we need to always be skeptical.

April 25, 2017

You Can Now Hunt Replicants With This Replica From Blade Runner

It's time for an all-out water-war on the skin-bags.

April 24, 2017

4 Stunning Visualizations That Show the Extreme Impact of Climate Change

The power of visualization could convince more people of the dire situation we're in.

April 24, 2017

Mesmerizing Video Proves That Not All Snowflakes Are Unique

This can be filed under "spoil-sport science."

April 22, 2017
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